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Private Wings

The ultimate private aircraft Flight experience. Private Wings is a collection of 36 totally realistic private aircraft that has been developed in-conjunction with experienced pilots whose knowledge has been invaluable in the development of this superior flight simulator add-on software for MS Flight Simulator 2000.

This program offers you unique features such as fully animated engines and moveable rudders and flaps as well as an extraordinarily realistic flight environment to transport you to the cockpit of the most realistic flight simulator available on the market.
All instruments from the directional gyroscope, to the Flight Director and the artificial horizon have been created as authentically as possible. In addition, various electrical systems allow the aircraft to function as in real life and can be turned on and off. Even the flight-time counter and the stop-clock are fully functional.
Private Wings has been created using models and manuals from the original aircraft. Pure realism right from the functioning of the radio instruments, to the take-off from the holding pattern, right up to programmable frequencies for the RNAV system.
The sky's the limit with Private Wings, from the breathtakingly realistic behaviour of the aircraft during flight, plus the individual design of the aircraft, which puts you into the cockpit of your own private aircraft and will provide you with hours of flight simulation fantasy!


  • 36 totally realistic aircraft models, including the Cessna Citation V, Piper Seneca III and V and the Katana Speed.
  • All aircraft have fully animated flaps, rudders and engines, under carriage, and propellers
  • Tested by professional pilots: flight behaviour and aerodynamics have been adapted using models from the original aircraft
  • Realistic cockpit design with fully functioning instruments, programmable standby frequencies for the radio and Flight Director
  • Each aircraft has its own authentic panel and checklist
  • Authentic aircraft illumination and realistic night design of the instruments
  • Extensive manual with detailed information on all aircraft, panels and functions and various hints and advice
  • Sounds recorded from the actual aircraft
  • Radio with standby frequencies
  • The ability to open/close the canopies on some aircraft
  • Flight time counter
  • Clocks with stop-clock function to fly holding patterns

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