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PC Game Pack

Load up your computer with fun and games with PC Fun Pack. Featuring 300 games, players can choose from a variety of genres including simulation, puzzles, adventure, card, and arcadestyle action. As a bonus, over 70 games for your PDA are included.

This action-filled game pack includes Frogger, Beast Wars Transformers, HEDZ (Head Extreme Destruction Zone), and Worms2. Armed with all new moves, such as the Super Jump, Power Croak, and a Heat-seeking Tongue, Frogger makes the leap to 3-D! Hes lost in strange new worlds where he must hop through polluted ponds, hostile deserts, and dark caves filled with nasty enemies. And thats just the beginning! The game of fast-moving, quick-hopping fun is now better than ever. Hop to it!