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500/1000 Essential Programs for Palm

With 500/1000 Essential Programs you have 500/1000 programs in the palm of your hand, including office and business tools, reference guides, tools and utilities, travel resources, exciting games, and much more! One simple interface lets you preview and install each program with a few mouse clicks. You'll have every resource you'll ever need at your fingertips. From financial tools to wine guides, programming tools to Wheel of Fortune, this is the ultimate companion to the most popular handheld computer.

currency converters, airport and airline listings, hotel 800 numbers, ISP access numbers
Office: text and image converters, financial tools, date and event planners
Fun: Crossword, Wheel of Fortune, virtual keyboard, PC game cheats
Enthusiasts: hacks, programming and system tools, ICQ, hundreds of Palm related links
Anywhere: baseball schedules, wine guides, classic books, Siskel & Ebert movie picks, U.S. Congress contact information.

Included Programs:
• 50+ Office and Business Tools
• 200+ Information and Reference Guides
• 50+ City and Travel Resources
• 100+ Tools and Utilities
• 20+ Exciting Games

System Requirements:
• Pentium 166 MMX
• Windows 95/98 with 32 MB of RAM
• 75 MB hard disk space
• CD-ROM drive
• Internet Explorer or Netscape Palm
• Desktop Software 3.01
• Palm Organizer or compatible
• Compatible with*: Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm V, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIx, Palm III, IBM WorkPad, Handspring, and TRGpro.

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