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Jumbo Jet 3.0

Enjoy everything Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 has to offer while flying one of 26 Jumbo Jets, each with an individually designed cockpit and comprehensive electrical systems. To aid your flying, Jumbo Jet 2000 includes comprehensive flight manuals detailing the history of flight, technical details, flight checklists, and a map of the cockpit. Every flight you take is sure to be a memorable one! Take off and land from almost anywhere in the world with true-to-life scenery. Best part of all, you get all of this at home on your PC!

Experience the challenge and the thrill.
This add-on for MS Flight Sim 2000 soars with new 747s, exciting new features, and ultra-realistic flying that will amaze you. Pilot 26 all new Jumbo Jets, including the coveted 747-400 glass cockpit. And as a bonus we've included the one and only 767-300 series. Each aircraft is complete with individually designed cockpits, gauges and controls for an ultra-realistic flying experience. Don't miss out on this must-have program for all flight sim aficionados!


  • 26 all new Jumbo Jets
  • Auto-pilot
  • Challenging takeoff scenarios
  • Realistic night flights with lights
  • Treacherous weather conditions
  • Accurately rendered navigation aids
  • Photo-realistic cockpit instrumentation
  • Unprecedented glass cockpit
  • Individually designed cockpits
  • Includes the complete 747 family, from 747-100 up to 747-400
  • Bonus: three 767-300 series aircraft!
  • Comprehensive manual including the history of flight and various checklists
  • Reference cards for technical details
  • Map showing details of the cockpit
  • Comprehensive electrical systems (every visible button within the cockpit has a function)
  • Moving control surfaces
  • Dump valves
  • Realistic fuel management
  • Stop watch for holding patterns
  • Standby function for radio frequencies

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»●●●●● 5 Start „iTunes in allen Einzelheiten, June 18, 2000
Reviewer: Ron Pekoe (see more about me) from Deltona' Florida
It has terific graphics.The sound effects are terrific. There's no worry of getting in combat with other planes. The controls are easy to remember. Overall, it's one great game.«

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