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My name is Andreas Petrausch. At the moment I am living in Hannover, Germany. After my diploma thesis (Technical Writer) I have graduated at the end of August 2003. I was studying at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. I will be looking for a job abroad. In the following some information about my work:


Andreas Petrausch is dead, he is at 28.11.2011 died on.

E-Mail: info@enigmatic.de

  • Level Designer for „Highland Warriors“ from DATA BECKER.
  • I wrote Books about “Age of Empires”, “Age of Empires 2”, “SimCity 3000”, “Catan” and Flight Simulator Series form 98 to 2002 and “Combat Flight Simulator” and XML.
  • I create some Add-On-Samplers for the “FlightSimulator” series and the “Train Simulator”.
  • Level designer and programmer for the “Age of Empires” Add-On “Troja” (Distributor: DATA BECKER).
  • Level designer and programmer for the “Age of Kings” Add-On “Khan” (Distributor: CDV)
  • I wrote over 40 programs (mainly browsers for mobile phones, Palm and Windows- software). The programs are distributed in Germany, Switzerland, England, USA, France and other countries.
  • I wrote about 20 manuals for programs (mainly for software distributed by DATA BECKER Germany).

Software by Andreas Petrausch

500/1000 Essential Programs With 500/1000 Essential Programs you have 500/1000 programs in the palm of your hand, including office and business tools, reference guides, tools and utilities, travel resources, exciting games, and much more...

Jumbo Jet 3.0 Enjoy everything Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 has to offer while flying one of 26 Jumbo Jets, each with an individually designed cockpit and comprehensive electrical systems. To aid your flying, Jumbo Jet 2000 ...

PC Game Pack Load up your computer with fun and games with PC Fun Pack. Featuring 300 games, players can choose from a variety of genres including simulation, puzzles, adventure, card, and arcadestyle action. As a bonus, over 70 games for your PDA ...

Private Wings The ultimate private aircraft Flight experience. Private Wings is a collection of 36 totally realistic private aircraft that has been developed in-conjunction with experienced pilots whose knowledge has been...

Manuals by Andreas Petrausch

Stuka USA Pilot the authentic Stuka Dive Bomber. Choose from 10 historically exact dive bomber planes including Shark, Night Hunter, Ski, and Panzerknacker and brace yourself for an aerial combat adventure t...

GUI-Design by Andreas Petrausch

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